Green/Conservation/Natural Sciences

Headwaters of the Nation. Yellowstone Quarterly. Fall 2014.

Counting Cougars. Yellowstone Quarterly. Summer 2014.

Fenced In. Yellowstone Quarterly. Winter 2014.

Q&A with Kerry Gunther.  Yellowstone Quarterly.  Summer 2013.

 The Deadliest Catch.Yellowstone Quarterly. Spring 2013.

Rewriting History: Doug Smith, Yellowstone Wolf Project. Yellowstone Quarterly. Fall 2012.

Provide an African Village with Clean Water. October 2008.

 Green & Gold: More Eco Adventures. August 2008. Vol. 1

Green & Gold: More Eco Adventures. August 2008. Vol. 2

A Cult Worth Following.  Plenty. June, 2006.

Fight Infection with Oregano Oil. Natural Health. Sept. 2002.

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