Marine veteran promotes healing for people and the planet through fly fishing. We Are the Mighty. 2022.
Dan Bailey’s. Big Sky Journal. Fly Fishing 2021.
From Scratch. Big Sky Journal. Spring 2020.
Reading the Water. The Drake. Summer 2019.
Enduring Aspirations. The Drake. Winter 2017.
Spring Creek Specialists. The Drake. Fall 2017.
Peter Heller Interview. The Drake. Spring 2017.
Maiden in Montana. The Drake. Summer 2014.
Who Fly Fishes: Jimmy Kimmel. Fly Rod & Reel. Summer 2014.
Who Fly Fishes: Actor Christopher Guest. Fly Rod & Reel. Winter 2013.
The Deadliest Catch. Yellowstone Quarterly. Spring 2013.
Dan Rather Speaks. The Drake. Winter 2012/13.
Autumn Angling. Yellowstone Quarterly. Fall 2012.
Behind the Scenes: Oral History of A River Runs Through It. The Drake. Summer 2012.
Who Fly Fishes: CJ Box. Fly Rod & Reel. Summer 2012.
Sculptor Jeff Taniguchi. The Drake. Spring 2012.
Bar Flies. The Drake. Spring 2011.
Fly Girls. Angling Adventures. Summer 2011.
Hook, Line & Sinister. The Drake. Spring/Summer 2010.
Who Fly Fishes?  Henry Winkler.  Fly Rod & Reel. April 2009.
Who Fly Fishes?  Karen Graham.  Fly Rod & Reel. Jan./Feb. 2009.
Who Fly Fishes: Robert Rubin.  Fly Rod & Reel. Nov./Dec. 2008.
Who Fly Fishes: Tom Valenti.  Fly Rod & Reel. Nov./Dec. 2007.
Who Fly Fishes? David Halberstam.  Fly Rod & Reel. Oct. 2007.
Meet Hollywood Fish Wrangler, Kathy Ruddick.  Jan. 22., 2007.
 Who Fly Fishes? Mark Few. Fly Rod & Reel. March 2005.
Who Fly Fishes? Gary Anderson.  Fly Rod & Reel. Nov. 2004.
Who Fly Fishes? General Norman Schwarzkopf. Fly Rod & Reel. March 2004.
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