Enduring Aspirations. The Drake. Winter 2017.
Spring Creek Specialists. The Drake. Fall 2017.
Peter Heller Interview. The Drake. Spring 2017.
Maiden in Montana. The Drake. Summer 2014.
Who Fly Fishes: Jimmy Kimmel. Fly Rod & Reel. Summer 2014.
Who Fly Fishes: Actor Christopher Guest. Fly Rod & Reel. Winter 2013.
The Deadliest Catch. Yellowstone Quarterly. Spring 2013.
Dan Rather Speaks. The Drake. Winter 2012/13.
Autumn Angling. Yellowstone Quarterly. Fall 2012.
Behind the Scenes: Oral History of A River Runs Through It. The Drake. Summer 2012.
Who Fly Fishes: CJ Box. Fly Rod & Reel. Summer 2012.
Sculptor Jeff Taniguchi. The Drake. Spring 2012.
Bar Flies. The Drake. Spring 2011.
Fly Girls. Angling Adventures. Summer 2011.
Hook, Line & Sinister. The Drake. Spring/Summer 2010.
Who Fly Fishes?  Henry Winkler.  Fly Rod & Reel. April 2009.
Who Fly Fishes?  Karen Graham.  Fly Rod & Reel. Jan./Feb. 2009.
Who Fly Fishes: Robert Rubin.  Fly Rod & Reel. Nov./Dec. 2008.
Who Fly Fishes: Tom Valenti.  Fly Rod & Reel. Nov./Dec. 2007.
Who Fly Fishes? David Halberstam.  Fly Rod & Reel. Oct. 2007.
Meet Hollywood Fish Wrangler, Kathy Ruddick.  Jan. 22., 2007.
 Who Fly Fishes? Mark Few. Fly Rod & Reel. March 2005.
Who Fly Fishes? Gary Anderson.  Fly Rod & Reel. Nov. 2004.
Who Fly Fishes? General Norman Schwarzkopf. Fly Rod & Reel. March 2004.
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