My Published Articles

I’m a Runner: Theo Rossi. Runner’s W0rld. Sept. 2014.

Headwaters of the Nation. Yellowstone Quarterly. Fall 2014.

Bob Fuhrmann Q&A. Yellowstone Quarterly. Fall 2014.

Maiden in Montana. The Drake. Summer 2014.

Who Fly Fishes: Jimmy Kimmel. Fly Rod & Reel. Summer 2014.

Counting Cougars. Yellowstone Quarterly. Summer 2014.

Xanterra Awarded 20-Year Concession Contract. Yellowstone Quarterly. Spring 2014.

I’m a Runner: Lisette Oropesa: Runner’s World.  October 2013.

Fenced In. Yellowstone Quarterly. Winter 2014.

Crossing the Lines. Yellowstone Quarterly. Winter 2014.

Steve Iobst Q&A. Yellowstone Quarterly. Winter 2014.

Profile: Colleen Curry.  Yellowstone Quarterly.  Fall 2013.

Picturing Autumn in Yellowstone.  Yellowstone Quarterly.  Fall 2013.

Profile: Greta Gaines.  Fly Rod & Reel.  Summer 2013.

Boots on the Ground. Yellowstone Quarterly.  Summer 2013.

Q&A with Kerry Gunther.  Yellowstone Quarterly.  Summer 2013.

The Deadliest Catch. Yellowstone Discovery. Spring 2013.

Spring Into Yellowstone. Yellowstone Discovery. Spring 2013.

Who Fly Fishes: Actor Christopher Guest. Fly Rod & Reel. Winter 2013.

Rodholders: Dan Rather Speaks.  The Drake. Winter 2012.

Where the Yellowstone Goes. The Drake. Fall 2012.

Behind the Scenes: An Oral History of A River Runs Through It. The Drake. Summer 2012.

Who Fly Fishes: Author CJ Box. Fly Rod & Reel. Summer 2012.

Home Sweet ‘Stone: Yellowstone Discovery. Summer 2012.

Sculptor Jeff Tanguchi. The Dranke. Spring 2012.

Wildlife Watching in Yellowstone. Yellowstone Discovery. Fall 2011.

In the Spotlight: Richard Louv. Yellowstone Discovery. Summer 2011.

Hot Dog Heavyweights Take the Stage. Every Day with Rachel Ray. June/July 2011.

I’m a Triathlete: Charlie Bewley. Triathlete. June 2011.

Straight Shooter: Monica Raymund. Bicycling Magazine. May 2011.

Bar Flies. The Drake. Spring 2011.

Fly Girls. Fly Rod & Reel: Angling Adventures. 2011.

In the Spotlight: Marsha Karle. Yellowstone Discovery. Spring 2011.

Courting Hollywood. Smash. Spring 2011.

Minding the Nets. Smash. Spring 2011.

In the Spotlight: Tom Murphy. Yellowstone Discovery. Winter 2010.

A Ride with Crank the Earth. Bicycling Magazine. September 2010.

Hook, Line & Sinister. The Drake. Spring/Summer 2010.

A Ride with Zdeno Chara. Bicycling Magazine. April, 2010.

I’m a Runner: Astronaut Dorothy Lindenberger. Runner’s World. April, 2010.

I’m a Runner: Dr. Drew Pinsky. Runners World. Feb., 2010.

Who Fly Fishes? Henry Winkler. Fly Rod & Reel. April 2009.

Secrets of a Celebrity Trainer. Pregnancy. February 2009. pp. 59-69.

Who Fly Fishes? Karen Graham. Fly Rod & Reel.

Green and Gold: More Eco-Adventures. August 2008.

I’m a Runner: Tovah Feldshuh.  Runners World.  July 2008.

10 Formula One Cities.  April 2008.

Meet the Need for Speed.  Men’s Journal.  March 2008.

Look Who’s Reading F&S: Miranda Lambert.  Field & Stream.  March 2008.

Bugattis on the Block.  Feb. 2008.

Meet Hollywood’s Next Big Thing. Literally.  Entertainment Weekly.  Dec. 7, 2007. Who Fly Fishes? Tom Valenti.  Fly Rod & Reel.  Nov./Dec. 2007.

Who Fly Fishes? David Halberstam.  Fly Rod & Reel.  July/Oct. 2007.

Meet Hollywood Fish Wrangler, Kathy Ruddick. Feb. 2007. Beer Brains. FHM.  September 2006.

Tracy Byrd, Country Star. Field & Stream.  September       2006.

Build Your Ultimate Body. In Style Makeover. Fall 2006.

A Cult Worth Following. Plenty.  June/July 2006. P. 57.

Road King: Interview with Jeff Daniels. FHM. May 2006.

Where to Go: Adam Vinatieri. April   2005.

Chapters and Verse.  Irish Echo.  March 9-15, 2005.  p. 54.

Who Fly Fishes?  Mark Few.  Fly Rod & Reel.  March 2005.

Making Fit Fun. In Style Makeover.  Fall 2004. pp. 56-58.

Who Fly Fishes?  Gary Anderson.  Fly Rod & Reel. November/December 2004.

Who Fly Fishes? Norman Schwarzkopf.  Fly Rod & Reel.  March 2004.  p. 32-34.

Children’s Menu.  In Style Weddings.  Spring 2004. p. 84.

What’s Hot: Multiple Cakes.  In Style Weddings.  Spring    2004. p. 84.

Great Expectations:  Ben Taylor – Man at Work.  Relix.      November, 2003.

Bear Cub. ESPN The Magazine.  November 24, 2003. p. 144.

The O’Reilly Factor.  The Irish Echo.  September  3-8 , 2003.

Interview with Roger Kahn.  Publishers Weekly. April 14, 2003.

Hockeytown UK.  ESPN The Magazine. (Accepted for publication.)

Dickey Betts & Great Southern: Concert Review. Relix. Feb./March 2003. 19.

Flogging Molly: Musical Pub Grub. Irish American Post. Nov./Dec. 2002. on-line.

Herb Brief: Oregano. Natural Health. September 2002. 27.

Interview with Colum McCann. Nua: Studies in   Contemporary Irish Writing. Volume III, No. 1 & 2. 89 –100.

How to Walk Off Weight.  Natural Health.  August 2001.              70-73.

Honey, You Make My Blood Boil.  Natural Health. July 2001. 26.

Gym Class Makeover. Natural Health.  July 2001. 30.

No Reason to Celebrate. Natural Health.  July 2001. 73.

Promising Remedy for Prostate Cancer. Natural Health. May/June 2001.

The Future of Natural Medicine. Natural Health.  April 2001.  23.

Carrot-Powered Walking. Natural Health.  April 2001.  31.

5 Golden Rules of Self-Care.  Natural Health.  April 2001.  Pullout.

You Can Help Set Up Cancer Priorities. Natural Health. April 2001. 3 129.


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